Arkadiko — Strategic Raise

Arkadiko Protocol is excited to announce that we have recently concluded our strategic round which raised a total of 2.5 million USD.

The proceeds from the sale will be used to further build out the platform and to foster growth initiatives on Stacks and Arkadiko.

Bootstrapping a protocol like Arkadiko on a chain that is relatively new to DeFi is no small task. We thought the best approach would be to engage early partners and key persons inside the already existing Stacks ecosystem. These entities have high conviction on Stacks and the STX asset and are a natural fit to be early participants in Arkadiko.

In this blog post, we’ll go over the investors behind Arkadiko and the function they will be playing in the early days of the ecosystem.

Our complete list of investors and strategic partners:

  • SBX Capital
  • CoinShares
  • New Form Capital
  • Novablock
  • Perpetual Value Partners
  • Daemon Technologies
  • GM Chung from DeSpread
  • Gossamer Capital
  • a41 Ventures
  • Stacks Accelerator
  • A group of 10 amazing angels

A total of 12 million DIKO tokens were assigned to investors, with the exact same vesting schedule that the team is bound by. This schedule is quite conservative with a 6 month cliff after which tokens unlock linearly over a 4 year period. Investors specifically will have 10% of their tokens unlocked at launch and will use these tokens as initial liquidity.

This has lead to the following distribution of DIKO tokens:

The Arkadiko Protocol is a community-driven project. This is why over half of the total supply will be given as incentives for liquidity providers. When taking a deeper look at how these incentives work, you can see that half of all emissions of new DIKO are going to the STX/USDA pool which should be accessible to everyone at equal opportunity. This pool is relatively low risk and is our prime suggestion if you want to get your feet wet.

Now onto some of the critical tasks these early partners will be performing.

The strategic investors will be the first providers of liquidity in the DIKO/STX and DIKO/USDA pools. They will be using their unlocked tokens for this purpose while adding extra STX and USDA liquidity to them. It is through this mechanism that the rest of the community will be able to purchase DIKO at launch.

In addition to using their initial DIKO for liquidity purposes in DIKO pools, our investors are also bringing additional STX liquidity to Vaults and Arkadiko Swap, ensuring rapid growth of TVL and enough liquidity to be used by participants of all sizes.

Some investors are also subscribing to the Arkadiko Keeper services. This program exists to make sure that liquidators are always standing by in case Vaults need to be auctioned. This is a critical feature in any protocol relating to CDP’s (collateralized debt positions) and is extremely important in order to remain healthy and maintain stability.

Other investors are high signal and will spread Arkadiko to the far corners of the crypto community, reaching a wider audience than we could reach on our own. They add credibility to the project and are a way for others to filter out the signal from the noise.

All investors were selected on the basis of being a clear value add to Arkadiko. Their investment horizon is long term as reflected in the vesting period of the tokens. We are very happy to welcome them as early community members and look forward to having them on board from the start. Their confidence in our team and product has been inspiring us to keep working full force to make Arkadiko the best version of itself.

Launch is getting so very close now, we look forward to welcome you on the farming fields !

Arkadiko Protocol is a stablecoin (USDA) built on Stacks to bring DeFi to Bitcoin.