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5 min readJul 29, 2022

Hello Arkadians

Arkadiko is excited to announce the next phase of the Arkadroids project ! This blog post will shed some more light on what the Arkadroids are and how you can get hold of one!

Enter the Arkadroids

In a distant future, the world has become interconnected by a vast electronic network that permeates every aspect of life. This network was discovered in the Arkadiko laboratory when it was found that Blockchain and its encrypted energy could be used as a power source for the first successful humanoid AI- the Arkadroid. In their research, the team at Arkadiko also discovered this newly found energy source could be used as a cybernetic implant allowing humans to access the data of the open source network of Bitcoin and Stacks freely. As much as these discoveries are breakthroughs they have opened up gateways to even more confusion on the questions of humanity.

Will Humanity be able to coexist with the Arkadroids? Time will tell.

The Arkadroids are an NFT collection created to honor the existence of Arkadiko and to celebrate its 9 month anniversary. They also served as an excellent starting point on Clarity development for our new developer Yannis. This allowed him to gain further experience with the Stacks stack (pun intended).

The Arkadroid NFT collection is constructed with a stable base picture of an Arkadroid, with 6 variations based on which token the Arkadroid is affiliated to. We’ve made the selection to include any token within the Arkadiko ecosystem so we have the following types of Arkadroids:

STX Arkadroid
BTC Arkadroid
USDA Arkadroid
DIKO Arkadroid
Lydian Arkadroid

The final 6th variation is the Arkadiko Arkadroid featuring the Arkadiko logo and representing our community. In total, 19 copies of each Arkadroid exist with a silver skin while there also exists a unique, golden Arkadroid. This brings the total number of Arkadroids to 120.

The first five token-related Arkadroids have already been earned through your past behavior on our platform. A snapshot was taken at block number 68424 on july 21th, the 9 month anniversary of our platform.

The Arkadiko Arkadroid can be earned through a series of social media interactions. Everyone reading this has a fair chance to receive one of these, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Arkadiko Arkadroid

Social media challenge to earn the Arkadiko Arkadroid:

Step 1: Retweet and like the original Arkadroid blog post tweet:

Step 2: Create an original tweet that contains your excitement for the Arkadroid distribution. Make sure to tag @Arkadiko Protocol.

This can be as simple as tweeting: “Excited for the #Arkadroids by @ArkadikoFinance” .

Step 3: Tag 3 friends in the first reply on your tweet.

Step 4: Post a message in our discord in the Arkadroid social media channel with a link to your tweet. ->

Also attach the Stacks address in your post on Discord where you want to receive your Arkadroid should you win in the raffle.

The Raffle

We’ll be holding another Community Call on the 10th of August at 6 pm central european time during which we will raffle these Arkadroids over all eligible addresses. The event is surely to be entertaining with us generating random numbers to distribute these NFTs to our community. Come enjoy this moment with us.

How is eligibility decided ?

We wanted a mix of rewarding past, loyal behavior and doing something in the present to earn an Arkadroid.

The Arkadiko Arkadroid will be earnable by completing a series of social media related challenges while the others will be distributed based on protocol interactions.

This is where each type of Arkadroid is going:

USDA Arkadroid


List 1 : Each address that has created a Vault before the snapshot date 10/19

List 2: Each address that has had a Vault liquidated before the snapshot date 9/19

Golden Arkadroid to be distributed randomly over the combined list.

BTC Arkadroid

List 1: Each address that was a Liquidity Provider on the snapshot date. 20/20

STX Arkadroid

List 1: Each address that has contributed to the Liquidation Pool before the snapshot date 9/19

List 2: Each address that has every used Arkadiko Swap before the snapshot date 10/19

Golden Arkadroid to be distributed randomly over the combined list.

DIKO Arkadroid

List 1: Each address that has ever participated in Governance 10/19

List 2: Each address that has had stDIKO in the Security Module on the snapshot date 9/19

Golden Arkadroid to be distributed randomly over the combined list.

Lydian Arkadroid

List 1: Will be distributed randomly over all holders of the Lydian token. 20/20

A special Arkadroid devoted to the Lydian community.

The Golden Arkadroid for Lydian will be given to the Lydian treasury.

Arkadiko Arkadroid

List 1: Will be given to all participants in the social media challenge. 10/19

List 2: Will be given to all active discord posters of the past 30 days. (See discord for a list of these users) 9/19

The Golden Arkadroid will be distributed randomly over the combined list.

Am I eligible ?

Good question. We have created a website where you can connect your wallet and see which Arkadroids you have a chance of receiving!

Check it out here:

Final remarks

The Arkadroids are meant to be a fun addition to the Arkadiko ecosystem. Who knows what adventures they get themselves into in the future? It is up to all of us to write their legacy.

For all of us on this DeFi journey on Stacks, we are joined by the Arkadroid lifeform in the near future. Their presence will most certainly be felt as they open our minds to the potential of financial applications on top of Stacks and Arkadiko!



Arkadiko Protocol

Arkadiko Protocol is a stablecoin (USDA) built on Stacks to bring DeFi to Bitcoin.